9 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

9 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

Take a minute to think about the last product whose description you read in an article or blog. How much do you remember? Now think about the features of a product you saw in video format. Do you remember it better? That, right there, is the reason you see videos everywhere you look. Every marketer makes video marketing an inseparable part of their overall marketing strategy.

Whether you manage an upcoming brand or a legacy one, you cannot overlook the importance of video marketing. In today’s digital world, with social media platforms available at the click of a button, video marketing is fast becoming the heart of all marketing efforts. If you are not convinced to have one yet, here are some reasons to convince you.

1. The Consumption Rate Of Videos Is Higher Than Ever.

Videos are not a new marketing medium. They have been around ever since advertisements have been playing on television sets. However, with the advent of social media and other digital platforms, the consumption rate has increased manifold.

You can place the promotional content on the brand website, on the brand’s social media handles, or on video-based platforms like YouTube. With such easy availability of videos on different platforms, consumption has also gone up rapidly. The higher the consumption of videos, the greater the possibility of placing your promotional content in front of a willing audience.

2. Greater Brand Recognition and Awareness

As our initial example mentioned, video content has higher recall than any other form of content. It is because it involves a higher number of senses, thereby immersing the audience in the experience. The greater recall is a boon for marketers who can leverage it to increase brand recognition.

Making videos that introduce the brand or interestingly present its philosophy is an amazing way to Increase Brand Awareness. Embed your brand identifiers like the logo, colours, and others with the help of a video maker, and you are ensuring long-lasting brand recognition.

3. Generate Traffic And Leads to Your Website

The primary need of any marketing effort is to bring in the audience. Videos can do this effortlessly—no need to build expensive videos. Decide on a great concept, use a video editor to put together the story, and embed the relevant links. All you need to do is post this video on different platforms and see the traffic to your website increase exponentially.

Did you know that YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google? All you require is to use the relevant search keywords, and the platform will help generate organic traffic to your website. It doesn’t get easier than this, isn’t it?

4. Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Push marketing is not the only advantage of videos. In today’s world of social media, where the audience can instantly interact with the brand, push marketing is hardly relevant. When your videos bring in an audience engaging with your brand, make sure you build a lasting relationship with them.

Respectful and timely responses turn your customers into your advocates. This is further enhanced when you engage them with relevant and useful video content. The engagement rates are always higher for videos. As a marketer, use this to make your brand stand out for your customers, and you will see instant ROI.

5. Enhanced SEO for Your Brand

An absolute necessity in today’s search engine-driven marketing, SEO helps your brand stay relevant. While optimising the website content for SEO is common, videos are a great way to achieve the same results. Whether embedding relevant text in the video with the help of an online video editor or using links to guide your audience, videos can up your SEO game drastically.

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6. Ease of Delivery

With videos playing such an essential role in all marketing strategies, the delivery of video content has also been optimised by all platforms. Viewers don’t need to wait for buffering of long videos. Instead, the platforms provide a seamless video playing experience.

With short videos reigning, especially in the mobile-driven world, marketers don’t need to worry about when and where their videos can be made available. They are available all the time, at any place – all that is needed is a willing viewer. With an increase in mobile phone users, viewers are only expected to increase.

7. Higher Click-Through Rates

Videos aren’t just good enough for social media platforms. Of course, these platforms are extremely crucial. But videos placed on websites or even embedded in emails can work wonders.

According to some research statistics, websites with videos on their homepage have a view rate higher by 86% as compared to those without a video! Even email newsletters have a higher opening rate if they contain a video. Thanks to online video editors, marketers have an excellent opportunity to leverage this medium to drive higher traffic towards their website with the higher ease of making videos.

8. Increased Reach for Your Brand

When you devise a marketing strategy for your brand, what is one of the most important goals? Increasing the reach of your brand, of course! This is why companies have marketing budgets – to make sure more and more people connect to their brand via promotions. Imagine how easy it is to increase your brand’s reach with videos.

Create an adorable video that connects with the audience’s emotions. You don’t even need a lot of expensive software. Use any available video editor, make sure the video has an appeal and place it on social media. The shares by your engaged audience will automatically increase the reach of your video and the brand.

9. The Future Of Marketing is Video-Centric

If all these reasons were not enough to convince you of the benefits of video marketing, consider this. The majority of future marketing trends will be video-based. Whether it is interactive videos, 360o videos, AR, VR, or any other upcoming technology trend, it will only enhance the video experience for the viewers. Thus, videos are here to stay.

Why not make them a mainstay of your marketing efforts from now?


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